Grace Kneifati is an abstract artist who's work is an experimental process to understand the true qualities behind paint and the surface upon which it is applied.

Her process has evolved over time by experimenting and analysing the effects of using different types of paint and surface combinations.


Her most recent work involves the layering of different coloured acrylic paint on an MDF board to form textural peaks which are then removed by sanding to reveal the depth of colour combinations that have been built up throughout the histories of each layer. The build-up and removal of paint provides an end result of unfamiliarity, as the total flatness of the painting incorporates an illusion of texture that continually reveals itself over time, when viewed.

 The paintings that are produced are consuming and compels a desire within us to challenge the normal perimeters in what is usual whilst observing art; in which you do not touch or stand incredibly close to a piece. However, Grace Kneifati encourages these temptations as she believes that touch is a more valuable way of communicating with the art she creates.

She strives to create paintings that aren’t a recreation of anything from the real world and therefore cannot resemble anything, in which we can understand visually, allowing for the paintings to be open to interpretation.